Water Softeners In Essex & Surrounding Areas

As Kinetico approved water softeners, Hawker Softeners can help you make the switch to softer water in your home. We serve customers in Colchester, Chelmsford, Southend and the surrounding areas.
Reduce limescale buildup
Lower heating bills by 30%
Extend the life of your plumbing
Reduce skin irritations
Spread the cost with interest free credit
Michelle Ahmed
Michelle Ahmed
I just wanted to thank everyone at Hawker Softeners Ltd so much especially Faye, Jan and Stuart for being so brilliant and providing excellent customer service. We recently moved into a Victorian house in East Hertfordshire and the water quality here is terrible, so we had no choice but to get a water softener installed in our home. I contacted Kinetico and Hawker Softeners on Monday 7th August and by Tuesday 8th the softener was delivered to my home so extremely fast and reliable service especially as I was so desperate to fix our hard water issues which have been so unbearable to live with. A family member installed the softener for us but he forgot to glue some pipework together which caused a leak, and luckily Stuart from Hawker Softeners came around a few days later to fix the issue and also set our softener to the correct setting for our area. Absolutely brilliant service from an excellent family run company really cannot thank you enough for everything! Best wishes Michelle & Brett
Diane Hall
Diane Hall
Recently had a water softener installed and are very happy with the product, the installation and the service. All completed quickly and with care.
Andrew Faupel
Andrew Faupel
Great service with no pressure selling, Kinetico Softener fitted really quickly and is a great quality. Unobtrusive as it's fitted neatly in the under sink cupboard. Can thoroughly recommend Hawker Softeners.
Eithne Stretch
Eithne Stretch
Excellent customer service and no pressure selling. Nothing was too much trouble. Thoroughly recommend.
Daniel Lear
Daniel Lear
Had a water softener, outside tap and kitchen tap installed. Great service and great workmanship. Would highly recommend.
Elliot Barker
Elliot Barker
We had our water softener and filtration system fitted in July by Andrew and could not be happier with the quality of water and service received. Less than a day to install and ready to use straight away. We have seen a big difference with no longer having hard water. We pulled in a few quotes from other competitors and Hawkers were the best choice who met all of requirements, and breaking down the difference between each product.
Carol Morris
Carol Morris
Would highly recommend this company and the fitter Callum was excellent no mess and very courteous
daniel martin
daniel martin
Had the softener for a week now and you can really tell the difference. Really professional from start to finish and would recommend Hawker softeners for anyone looking for a competitive price, great product and and brilliant customer service.
15 Langwood gardens
15 Langwood gardens
Had the Kinetico installed 4 years ago now. I have had no problems throughout this time. I am in process of recommending a friend also because no like scale buildup anywhere even after 4 years. Great job guys thank you.

Why Choose A Water Softener?

For You

Give your skin and hair a more gentle wash without the need of extra cosmetics or products.
The reduce of hard minerals in your water can help reduce dry skin conditions such as eczema.

For Your Home

The limescale buildup in your pipes will reduce over time and your home heating system will become more efficient.
A more efficient heating system will reduce your overall heating bill and increase the lifespan of your appliances.

For Your Water

Traces of hard minerals and metallics can leave your water tasting ‘earthy’.
You will be able to pour professional-grade filtered water straight from your tap.

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What is hard water and why is it hazardous?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content and tends to leave behind residue where it flows. It is formed when naturally soft rainwater percolates through natural deposits of limestone and chalk and picks up large amounts of calcium and magnesium carbonate. Hard water generates a buildup of limescale in heating systems which causes loss in heating efficiency and increase in energy costs as well as reducing the lifespan of your water appliances.

How it works

Kinetico water softeners contains a bed of resin beads that hold sodium ions. When water is passed through the softener, these resin beads isolate and hold the calcium and magnesium impurities while releasing the sodium ions, making the water soft.


The choice to soften water will affect your home and environment positively. Soft water contains a lesser amount of minerals, preventing scale buildup in home materials like pipes, heaters, and other fixtures. Soft water also helps to improve the lifespan and performance of some home appliances, prevent mineral spots on glassware, and eliminate detergent curds or soap films in bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and other washing areas.

A Kinetico water softener can last for many years and boasts a 10 year warranty. In order to ensure a long lasting water softener you need to ensure it is properly maintained and serviced to keep it at an optimal performance level. 

A water softener can range from anywhere between £500 to £2,000 depending on the size and specification required. It is important to remember that a water softener is cost-effective and helps you save on other household expenses, like lowering heating bills by up to 30%.

The Kinetico water softener uses an ion exchange technique that helps to remove magnesium and calcium from water. Magnesium and calcium are the principal minerals in hard water. The Kinetico water softener system uses block salt and tablet salt since it is a non-electric system.

Home water softening has a lot of benefits, particularly its effect on the skin. Soft water improves your bathing experience by providing you with a better lather. It also helps to keep the pH balanced, reduce itchiness, lower skin dryness, and eliminate all other harsh effects of hard water.

Yes, softened water is safe to drink and still contains the essential minerals the body needs. Water softeners mitigate the magnesium and calcium content and add sodium through the added salt during the softening process.

Most times, the time required for water to soften varies with quantity. However, it typically takes between 70 to 90 minutes.

The capacity of a water softener refers to how much water the system can process before needing regeneration. Therefore, the size of the water softener required for your home depends on various factors, which include the extent of water hardness, service capacity of your water supply, overall flow rate, and average household water requirement.

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