Soft Water

Benefits to You

Soft Water

Soft Water

Soft Water

More bubbles, less bubble bath

Softened water encourages soap lather to form so less soap and shampoo is needed.

Smooth skin & soft, silky hair

Enjoy soft, silky skin and hair everyday. Your home spa will be the perfect way to unwind.

Spend less time cleaning

Keep your tiles and shower-screen free from limescale and banish water marks from taps, sinks and toilets.

Soft Water

Soft Water

Alleviate dry skin conditions

Eczema, psoriasis and dry skin can respond positively to softened water.

Softer, brighter looking clothes

Softened water removes residual impurities making your clothes feel softer and look brighter for longer.


How to save money on your detergents and bubble bath

When you have hard water in your home you’ll notice the vast amount of detergent you have to use to get any sort of foaming suds – whether that’s bubbles in your bath, washing-up liquid in yours sink, detergent in your washing machine or shampoo for washing your hair.

Soft Water

So what’s the science bit?

The presence of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water react with the detergents, not to form luxuriously soft foaming bubbles, but scum. Hard water prevents detergents from foaming which is why you’ll notice you need to use a great deal more soap and detergent to achieve any sort of suds.

Just look back in the bath – you probably used half a bottle of bubble bath and enjoyed the bubbles for a few minutes before they quickly dissipated to leave a murky looking bath with a film of unsightly scum on the top – not a nice thought to think you bathed in that, is it?!

In contrast soft water omitted from a water softener readily forms lather with soap and bubble bath giving you masses of luxuriously soft, creamy bubbles from just a very small amount of foam bath.

You can save significant money on your laundry detergents and bubble baths. It’s proven that in soft water we use up to 75% less detergents and toiletries as we need to use lesser amounts for them to form suds in soft water. So you’ll see benefits to your wallet too!


Beautiful skin and hair

Your every day beauty regime starts with water and cleansing – this is why the type of water you have in your home can massively affect the feel and balance of your hair and skin.

If you have ever washed your face and its left feeling taught and stripped of moisture, this is often a consequence of washing in hard water. You then reach for your array of face and body creams to reinstate the natural moisture balance in your skin. Something many women spend hundreds of pounds on each year on – sound familiar?!

When you look back in the bath after you’ve stepped out, you’ll see another unpleasant consequence of living with hard water.

You’ve used half a bottle of bubble bath just to work up foam, but minutes later all the bubbles have dissipated and you’re left with a flat, murky coloured bath with scum on the top – that’s the effect of hard water. Not a very nice thought to think you’ve been washing in that is it?!

So what’s the science bit?

Showering in soft water may give you the sensation that soap and shampoo hasn’t been rinsed away as your skin feels so incredibly soft and naturally moisturised. In fact, by removing the dissolved rock from your water (magnesium and calcium), a water softener provides you with soft water that thoroughly cleans your skin and hair, allowing your skin’s own natural softening and moisturising oils do their job. Hard water can clog the skin’s pores with soap residue preventing your skins natural moisture and oils from coming out, leaving skin dry and hair dull.

After your shower in soft water, you are actually much cleaner than when you shower in hard water. Installing a water softener can give your skin and hair enviable benefits - beautifully soft skin and your hair silky smooth.

Many of us will not even realise the detrimental effects hard water is having on our skin and hair. We simply compensate for hard water stripping out our body’s natural moisture and oils by lathering on a whole host of expensive creams which is only a quick-fix and not a longer-term solution.

Hence installing a water softener has obvious money-saving benefits to your wallet too.

Not only will you need to use half as much face and body moisturiser, you’ll also notice that because soft water makes shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath go so much further, the reality is you’ll use up to 75% less of these products too.