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We offer a wide range of Kinetico water treatment solutions to suit you and your family. Our customers often ask us what the difference is between a water softener and water filter. Quite simply, they are two different products which provide two different solutions and a number of benefits.

What’s the difference between a water softener and a water filter?

Water Softener – a water softener is designed to take out the calcium and magnesium (limescale) from hard water. It’s limescale that causes taps and showers to get clogged up, appliances to break down and reduces the efficiency of your boiler and heating system. The Kinetico 2020c uses a process called ‘ion exchange’ – the only proven method to totally remove the minerals from the water that cause limescale.


The water softener unit attaches to your stop cock at the point where the water supply enters your home. This is normally under your kitchen sink. The clever twin-tank softener is designed to soften the water at the point it enters your home ensuring all the water throughout your house is soft, regardless of where you draw it form – bathroom tap, shower, kitchen sink or washing machine – it will all deliver luxuriously soft water. The softener requires loading with salt on an infrequent basis, depending on usage, which assists with the regeneration process washing the calcium and magnesium (limescale) from the tank where the residue is passed down the drain.

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Water filtration system – a filter system is designed to take out the ‘impurities’ from your drinking water. It will only treat the drinking water that comes from your kitchen tap. It does not treat the water in your whole house. Kinetico has a range of filtration systems that take out different levels of impurities from your water such as pesticides, chlorine and lead, sediment and many more. The filtration systems require an additional tap to be installed providing purer water than bottled and jug filters, with a plentiful supply 24 hours a day.

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