Kinetico commissioned talkeczema – one of the UK’s largest eczema support groups – to conduct an independent product trial and survey. A Kinetico water softener was installed in the homes of selected talkeczema members for a 3 month period. The participants completed a questionnaire at the end of each month.

83% claim a water softener helped to reduce the severity of their eczema!
Participants who had a Kinetico water softener fitted found that:

83% claimed it reduced the severity of their eczema
91% recorded less itchiness
67% used less emollient
83% used less washing powder and detergent
Comments from participants:

“Since using a water softener her skin does feel smoother and I have to use less cream. Also at the moment less reaction when in contact with the water. ”

“Even my husband has said how moisturized his skin feels after showering. I have even managed to reduce the amount of emollient that I apply each day to my daughter.”

“I cannot believe the difference the softener has made, I am no longer getting dry flaky patches on my face. And there is the added bonus of not having to use so much detergent in my wash etc, so that’s got to better for my skin too.”

“…the addition of a water softener benefitted and improved the severity of their eczema.”
Commenting on these results, Julie Van Onselen, Independent Dermatology Nurse, said,

“These results show the people who participated in this survey felt the addition of a water softener benefitted and improved the severity of their eczema. The most positive result is that people with eczema felt their skin was less itchy and smoother. The vicious scratch-itch cycle is often the hardest symptom to deal with, dry skin is itchy skin and itchy skin is scratched, which leads to damage and often a “flare-up” of eczema.”

Therefore, if skin is less itchy, scratching and skin damage will reduce and eczema “flares” will reduce.