Drinking Water Systems

Aqua Range

It's the same as bottled water but on tap! The Kinetico AQUA range delivers great tasting water without the hassle.

Removes limescale and impurities from your water. Keep your kettle in pristine condition with this limescale reducing filter. It will also take out the impurities and chlorine from your water improving the taste of all your favourite drinks.

  • Reduce Limescale
  • No More Filter Jugs or Bottled Water
  • Great Tasting Water
  • Simple to Use, Easy to Install
  • Easy to Change Filter Cartridges
Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems

AquaScale Water Filter

Designed to remove limescale from your drinking water. Significantly reduces limescale, chlorine and other impurities leaving you with great tasting water and keeps your kettle, coffee maker and other household appliances in pristine condition.


AquaGuard Water Filter

A quality water filter with added protection for all the family. Delicious, ultra-filtered water with an extra level of protection to reduce the risk of you consuming chlorine, lead, compounds (VOC's) and cysts.


AquaTaste Water Filter

Delicious tasting water that is more cost effective than bottled water. Improves the taste, appearance and odour of your water by reducing chlorine and sediment from your drinking water.

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Pure Range

For those who demand the purest and the best. The Kinetico PURE range is the ultimate drinking water system to protect you and your family.

Perfectly pure water on demand.

Designed with the ultimate in water filtration technology, this reverse osmosis system will remove all impurities from your drinking water giving you and your family total peace of mind.

  • Reverse Osmosis Process
  • Delicious Tasting Water and Food
  • Independently certified
  • Purer Water than Bottled and Jug Filters
  • Efficient and Economical to Run
Drinking Water Systems

How water filter systems work?

Water filter systems work by taking out the unwanted impurities from your drinking water. Different filtration products have different mechanisms for removing the impurities. Kinetico has two ranges of water filtration systems, the K5 range and the Aqua range.

K5 Water Filter Range

Products from the K5 range are fitted with three filters that remove unwanted substances through filtration and a process called ‘reverse osmosis’. This is where the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane which contaminants cannot pass through and they are then washed down the drain. The premium K5 Pure Ultra removes 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria using a Purefecta Guard filter.

Aqua Water Filter Range

The Aqua range of products use carbon filters which attract and adsorb impurities from the water.

You will either need a three way tap or an additional tap when installing a Kinetico water filter system, of which they are various types to choose from included in the price of your filter system.

What to look for when buying a water filter system?

There are many water filtration options out there but primarily you want it to remove as many contaminants as possible and be cost efficient. Filter jugs can be a costly option due to the frequency of cartridge renewal, cost of replacement cartridges and they don’t remove the same amount of contaminants as fitted water filter systems. There is also the time spent waiting for the water to drip through the cartridge and fill the jug!

With a fitted water filter system you’ll get pure, filtered, great-tasting water on tap 24/7.

Reverse Osmosis systems are renowned for removing the highest percentage of contaminants from the water via a semi-permeable membrane trapping the impurities. The premium Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra is one of the most efficient filtration systems available and removes 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria.

Water makes up 50-70% of an adult's body weight so it is vitally important that we drink water regularly throughout the day to avoid dehydration and so our bodies work properly.

The Department of Health recommends drinking around 1.2 litres of fluid every day which is approximately six 200ml glasses or eight 150ml glasses.

We know we need water to function properly but have you ever considered what might be in the tap water you’re drinking?

Although tap water supplied in the UK is some of the best in the world, there may still be many unwanted impurities that could be present from pesticides, chlorine and lead to bacteria such as E-coli.